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Our Taxes Only Service

Special Guest Blogger, and NannyChex Client Services Specialist, Kelly, is back to provide an overview of our Taxes Only service:

If you want assistance with your nanny taxes but prefer to write your employee’s paychecks yourself, NannyChex has the perfect solution!  Our Taxes Only service allows you to maintain the control and flexibility of paying your employee yourself while also benefiting from our payroll and tax expertise.  You write the checks and we do the heavy lifting when it comes to the tax filings and year-end tax forms!

Our Taxes Only package offers a unique service that enables you to pay your employee directly with our assistance.  Included in our free set-up, we will give you the forms that we need your employee to complete in order to properly begin payroll.  When these forms are returned, we will help you determine the employee taxes that should be deducted from each paycheck.  We provide you with specialized tools which you can utilize each time you pay your employee.  By using these NannyChex tools it will ensure that you are paying your employee the proper net (or take home pay) every time.  And if you ever have questions, concerns, or just want to speak to someone about your employee’s payroll, we are happy to help and a knowledgeable account manager is just a phone call or email away.  We offer free payroll assistance throughout the year, and our expertise is included at no additional cost as part of our Taxes Only service.

With the assistance of our payroll experts and our NannyChex tools, you will effortlessly be able to pay your employee throughout the quarter.  When the quarter comes to a close, NannyChex will send you a simple, one page reporting form with instructions.  You will use this form to confirm the wages that you paid and the taxes that were withheld throughout the quarter.  After we receive your reporting form, your work is done!  We will audit the figures for accuracy, and will invoice you for the employee and employer taxes that are due.  You will make one payment to NannyChex for all of the taxes and NannyChex remits the payments and handles all of the filings on your behalf – other than our reporting form, there’s nothing for you to mail, sign, or submit! 

Our Taxes Only service includes complete year-end tax preparation as well.  We will prepare your employee’s W2 and will send this document directly to your employee.  We send a W3 to the Social Security administration as well.  We also prepare a year-end packet for you as the employer which includes the Schedule H that you need to include with your personal income tax return. 

Our Taxes Only service is a unique solution to the individualized needs of household employers.  With this service, we offer assistance on your payroll taxes but we let you maintain the comfort and control of writing the paychecks yourself.  NannyChex handles all of the tax filings for employer and employee and we prepare the employee’s W2, W3 and the employer’s Schedule H at the end of the year.  Most importantly, NannyChex is always here to offer our clients the best payroll support possible.  We value our clients and love to help!  Please contact us today at 877-626-6924 for more information regarding our Taxes Only service.     

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