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Why use a Household Payroll Service? Why use NannyChex?

There are many options available when it comes to handling your household employee’s payroll and taxes. 

You can do it yourself….but that can be time consuming, laborious, and frustrating.  The IRS estimates that household employers spend 50+ hours per year handling their individual domestic employee’s payroll and taxes.  You are also on your own when it comes to researching and understanding tax and labor laws, and if there is a payroll or tax issue, you are responsible for making it right, which can add significant time and cost.

You can use your accountant….but they can be expensive and don’t always have familiarity with the specialized payroll and tax requirements that exist for household employers. 

You can use a payroll service….but they are often customized to assist business clients, and don’t often address the unique requirements that exist for household employers which can result in confusion and create costly tax issues.

Benefits of using a household payroll service to assist with payroll/taxes:

-Payroll is calculated correctly and promptly

-Taxes are completed accurately and on-time

-Families have access to features like direct deposit, detailed pay stubs, FSA receipts, and tax reports

-Access to household payroll and tax specialists

-Peace of mind that your household payroll and taxes are taken care of in accordance with tax laws


Benefits of using NannyChex to assist with your household employee’s payroll and taxes:

-Receive the highest level of personal service – each client has their own personal account representative so when you call us:  A.) A real, living person answers the phone and B.) You’ll be able to speak with someone you know and who is familiar with your account

-We handle ALL state and local taxes – with no added fees.  No matter where you live, we can help!

-Transparent and reasonable pricing – the fees on our website represent our full fee schedule.  You’ll never have a surprise on your invoice.

-Free set-up!  You don’t pay anything to get started.

-Pay as you go – you never pre-pay for our services and you only pay for the activity you have.

-We offer comprehensive services where we do everything!  Unlike many of our competitors, with NannyChex, you are not required to do some (or a lot of) the work yourself.  We set-up your tax accounts, we submit the tax filings, we remit the payments, we prepare the year-end tax forms, and so much more! 

-22 years (and counting) of household payroll and tax expertise and impeccable service!

-All of our work is guaranteed.  In the unlikely event that there is a payroll or tax issue, we’ll make it right.

-We maintain all payroll and tax records

-We handle all correspondence from tax agencies

-Unlimited free assistance regarding your employee’s payroll, taxes, and year-end tax information

-And so much more - contact us at 877-626-6924 to learn about the NannyChex difference and why we offer the best solution for handling your household employee's payroll and taxes.  





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